Processing Services

Photolithography - High resolution image transfers on substrates up to 6" in diameter. Frontside/backside alignment capability. Low resolution images on substrates up to 12 square inches.

Etch/Cleans - A number of different plasma etch/clean systems for a variety of films and treatments. Wet benches and chemicals for a variety of wet etching in both class 10 & class 100 areas. Wafer spin rinse dryers are available. CO2 cleaner available.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) - Solutions for Dielectrics and Metals, IPEC 372M and 372MU. We also have access to an APD-800 300mm R&D polisher.

CVD - Low pressure and plasma enhanced capabilities to deposit SiN, Poly Si, a-Si, Low Temperature SiO2 (LTO), n-doped LTO (PSG), n-doped Poly Si, Si Rich Oxide (SRO) on substrates up to 6" in diameter.

Thermal Oxidation & Anneal - Substrates up to 6" in diameter and temperatures as high as 1200 C.

Metallization - E-beam & thermal evaporation of a number of metals including but not limited to Ag, Au, Pt, Al, Cu, Ti, Ni, Cr, Ge, Bi, Te.

Metrology - Ellipsometer, profilometers, AFM, 4 pt probe, Filmetrics & Nanospec for thickness, Surfscan particle measurement. We have access to a number of SEM/EDX facilities on campus.

Assembly tools include - Wafer saw, die attach, wire bonder, and wire bond pull tester.

Internal (UA) and non-internal (non UA) services rates can be found here.