NanoFabrication Center

Nano Fabrication Center

The University of Arizona Nano Fabrication Center mission is to enable rapid advancements in research and innovation at the micro and nano scale by providing access to infrastructure and expertise. The NFC is an open, user friendly facility that serves academic, government and private researchers.

The NFC welcomes anyone who would like to use the facility or learn more about what can be accomplished in the cleanroom.

Equipment scheduling and training requests are handled through iLab:

iLab Login Link

To request training within the facility, schedule equipment usage or request staff services, please create an ilab account and follow the usage instructions.  To learn more about the equipment installed in the facility, click on any tool highlight in the graphic below, or use the tabs above.


Research Acknowledgement

Acknowledgements of NFC are valuable to future funding.  On your papers, presentations and posters, please include an acknowledgement such as the one suggested below:

"This work was performed in part at the Nano Fabrication Center at the University of Arizona"