Safety Training & Access

Step 1: Required Safety Training (All Clients)

  1. Please get your UA "NetID" and your UA email. Please refer to to setup one if you do not have one already. All clients will be issued a "NetID" and password by the University Information Technology Services.
  2. Using your UA email please send a request to with "Please add me to safety approval #20071 MFC" in the subject line and in the body include a description of what you want to accomplish using the NanoFab. This request will be reviewed and forwarded for RLSS.
  3. It may take up to 3 business days for you to receive an email invitation in reply to your request from RLSS-CHEM-SUPPORT. Follow the instructions in the email and accept invitation. If you do not, please feel free to contact with a followup email.
  4. Using your NetID and password please log in to the RLSS User Dashboard and click on "Notifications/Training Required" to view the course. This course typically takes 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Step 2: Required NFC Specific Safety Training (All Clients)

We provide all clients with an overview of safety requirements needed to safely complete their tasks. We are a CSL-3 facility with a number of highly toxic and pyrophoric chemicals required for fabrication stored and used onsite.

Following the successful completion of your online chemical safety course in Step 1, please contact an NFC staff member ( or to schedule the facility specific one-on-one safety orientation. 

Prior to your one-on-one safety tour appointment please review links 1-4 below:

  1. Authorized users requiring access to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) may view them via RLSS
  2. NFC Emergency Response Guide
  3. Chemical Disclosure
  4. NFC Safety Rules

Please print and bring a copy of the NFC Safety Tour Participant Checklist to your appointment. make sure you have reviewed all items and signed the form before leaving after completion of the tour.

Step 3: Access Requirements

Access is issued generally only to long term (>30 days) clients:

  1. A valid CatCard is required to gain access to the building, offices, and laboratories on campus. Industrial clients will be granted a Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) status and issued a CatCard. Please contact an NFC staff member to initiate the process.
  2. Please download and print the access form and fill it out.

An NFC staff member can help you with the access form if needed. We will need a copy of your valid CatCard. You will then be notified via email when the code is available.

  1. Equipment access is controlled by iLab.  All UA students and staff automatically have an account within iLab.  External users should create their own iLab account and request access to the NanoFabrication Center Core.

Per university policy, you should never share your code or CatCard with anyone. If you are caught sharing your access credentials (including iLab credentials) with another user, your access to the NanoFab will be revoked.