UA MFC Facilities Requirement Checklist

Please refer to your equipment and process manuals to specify the requested parameters for every individual connection when applicable. Required reconfiguration due to incorrect/inaccurate values will cost you time and money!

  • DI (UPW) - Projected flow rate (gpm) and duration
  • UHP N2 - Projected flow rate (slm), pressure (psi), and duration
  • Compressed Dry Air (CDA) - Minimum pressure required (psi)
  • Exhaust - Type (Acid or Solvent) and vol. flow rate (CFM) required
  • Electrical - Power required (voltage, amperage, phase)
  • Waste Collection - Define the chemicals and concentration, projected volume (gallons), and the frequency of collection required (per week)
  • Waste Treatment - Define the chemicals and their original concentrations, and projected volume that can be safely drained
  • Process Cooling Water (PCW) - Minimum flow rate (gpm) and temperature (C)
  • Chemical Storage - Type (acid or solvent) and quantity (gallons)