Center Overview

The Center consists of approximately 15,000 sq ft. of space, of which approximately 3,500 sq ft. is certified Class 100 (ISO Class 5) and 300 sq ft. of Class 10 (ISO Class 4) clean room space, a high capacity ultra pure water system, an automated wastewater neutralization system, chemical storage bunkers, a mechanical shop, gas storage space, and a semiconductor grade Liquid/Gas N2 distribution system. At the present time, there is plenty of space for future capabilities along with space available to potential outside clients.

The Class 100 clean room capabilities:

  • A fully functional photolithography area: UV/DUV alignment/exposure tools for substrates up to 6" in diameter with infrared backside alignment capability. UV Blanket exposure system for lower resolution pattern transfers. A solvent hood and an acid/base hod. Spin coaters and spin rinse dryers.
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) area: capable of depositing Silicon Nitride, Polysilicon, Low Temperature Oxides, Phosphorus Doped Poly Silicon and Oxides, and Silicon Rich Oxides. LPCVD and PECVD
  • A thermal oxidation an anneal area: furnaces that will handle up to 5" substrates.
  • Plasma etching and ashing area: low power cleaning, a microwave system for higher power cleaning, reactive ion etch (RIE) systems.
  • Metrology area: 4 pt probes, ellipsometers, thin film reflectometers, profiler and step height measurement tools.
  • Metallization area: e-beam deposition , thermal evaporators, sputter deposition.

The Class 10 clean room has is own acid wet bench, SRDs, and SVG Vertical Furnace. This is a separate area with a separate entrance. The Chase area is sizeable and has a better than a Class 10,000 estimated rating:

  • The chase area contains all facilitation requirements, acid and solvent exhaust, easy access to power, nitrogen, UPW and city water, drains to the neutrailization system, space for vacuum pumps, etc.
  • Packaging area: wafer dicing saw and wire bonders.
  • Wet processing area: wet benches (one exhausted).

The "Water Room" contains all of the purification equipment along with a 2,000 gallon Halar lined dynamic storage tank. The waste water neutralization system controls the effluent streams from the cleanroom and chase areas prioer to discharge into the county system.

We have a 2,000 gallon liquid nitrogen storage tank that is used in providing semiconductor grade Liquid/Gas N2 from AirProducts Inc. to the Center.

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