Processing Services


High resolution image transfers on substrates up to 6" in diameter. Frontside/backside alignment capability. Low resolution images on substrates up to 12 square inches.


A number of different plasma etch/clean systems for a variety of films and treatments. Wet benches and chemicals for a variety of wet etching in both class 10 & class 100 areas. Wafer spin rinse dryers are available. CO2 cleaner available.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

 Solutions for Dielectrics and Metals, IPEC 372M and 372MU. We also have access to an APD-800 300mm R&D polisher.


Low pressure and plasma enhanced capabilities to deposit SiN, Poly Si, a-Si, Low Temperature SiO2 (LTO), n-doped LTO (PSG), n-doped Poly Si, Si Rich Oxide (SRO) on substrates up to 6" in diameter.

Thermal Oxidation & Anneal

Substrates up to 6" in diameter and temperatures as high as 1200 C.


E-beam & thermal evaporation.

RF and DC sputtering.


Ellipsometer, profilometers, 4 pt probe, Filmetrics & Nanospec for thickness. We have access to a number of SEM/EDX facilities on campus.

Assembly tools include

Wafer saw and wire bonder.

Internal (UA) and non-internal (non UA) services rates can be found here.